Process/Tilda Swinton/Orlando

Have you checked out the new women who draw directory? It's pretty cool! And it's full at the moment - darn. I spent the other day thinking about what woman I would draw for my directory listing (when it takes submissions again :)) and I immediately thought of the film  "Orlando" with Tilda Swinton (yes, it's also a book by Virginia Woolf). It is a beautiful movie and I am a sucker for period pieces. But it's also a beautiful story about gender roles. I also thought of trying to get away with a submission of David Bowie in drag, but I don't know if I could get away with that. Incidentally, I know this doesn't really look like Tilda Swinton - she is really hard to draw. Her face is exquisite and it's difficult to capture. Here is the sketch that I started with on the left, and on the right, the result after I inked it and added digital color.