Card Design, 2016 so far, and good stuff

January is already over and it feels like Spring is approaching (um, isn't it weird that stuff is starting to bloom and I have seen humming birds fly around?). The holidays seem like a distant memory. I started the year with a health scare - I am fine - but spent a month generally freaking out and discovering that I am not very stoic. It's too bad that only through times like this are we reminded of what's important. I don't want to get too heavy or personal -  the point is I thought of how much I like my work and was so sad to think I might not have long to accomplish the things I want to, to continue to grow, take on fun projects, fun clients, get better at what I do, etc.. So here's to doing what you love and getting better at it and the good people in your life. 

Speaking of, look at these fun cards I did for Darcie and Hilary are kick ass realtors here in Portland. They commissioned me to illustrate these cards to send out to their clients. I highly recommend them if you are buying or selling.