Moonage Daydream

I just finished drawing this type poster of the lyrics from Ziggy Stardust's (David Bowie) "Moonage Daydream". The plan is to start my membership at IPRC here in Portland and make screen prints out of this (thinking gold ink on black). It's funny, I had someone ask me how I got into hand drawn type after I posted this on social media and there are a few answers. First off, when I was in design school, I struggled with typography. I went to school with some seriously talented people that made it look effortless. Seeing it as my weak spot, I started doing it by hand to help me start seeing the letters as shapes. The second answer is that when I started working for myself 3+ years ago I was too broke to buy fonts! So this was a way to get around that. And then I just fell in love with doing it by hand. I think I could have been happy as a monk working on the Book of Kells  in a past life. Did anyone watch the David Bowie documentary on PBS over the weekend? It was wonderful, what an imagination, what a curator of popular culture. I can't believe he is gone.