Titanic Project

It's been a while since I was feeling excited about a personal project. Sometimes it's hard to find the time, especially in the summertime in Oregon when everyone is cramming in as much sun and socializing before the rain starts. Recently, I started getting into the history of the Titanic. It was sparked by reading a book about the Lusitania and going to Victoria Bar a lot, which has the most beautiful painting of The Titanic on the back wall (sorry, I don't know the artist's name and apparently he doesn't have a website, but if you are in Portland go to this bar, it's a work of art). So many famous people were lost on this ship. I think the stories of class and money from this sinking are especially relevant in these times. I had no idea the Astor's made their money here in Oregon as fur traders (booooo). Astor, Astoria, I don't why I didn't put it together before. Anyway, please follow along as I post more drawings and nerdy history facts over the next few weeks in between client work (which comes first :)).