Spring is on its way!

Over the weekend the sun came out in Portland. It has been so long, I think many of us forgot what it actually looks like. Needless to say, a lot of Portlanders are getting really excited to be outdoors again. There is so much to explore. The Japanese Garden has been expanding and will soon have a gorgeous tea room (incidentally, my mom has a photo in their 2017 calendar, go mom!). Many of us are fantasizing about hikes in Forest Park. This drawing is for the coloring book I am working on and is inspired by a hike in Forest Park that overlooks the St. John's Bridge. Since everything I am doing is black and white lately, I had to add some spring color. 

One indoor fun thing to do right now - check out this show at Land Gallery on N.Mississippi if you are local. I have three studio mates that have pieces in the show. I